Track & Facilities

Lake Whitney MX is located in Whitney, TX on the WB Ranch.  This is a private hunting retreat that has many exotic game.  The Brazos river flows down the backside of the property.  The track has everything racers and families need to enjoy the races.

There are 150 electrical/water RV hookup spots and plenty of open parking for thousands.

There are bathrooms and showers for both men and women.

The track is wrapped with green fencing around the whole track, to keep both racers and spectators safe.

The staging area includes 2 rows of fencing for organization and 40 numbered spots for the moto in staging.

The start is cement and consists of 40 backward-falling starting gates.  There is a covered area behind the gates which covers the entire width of the starting gates to keep the riders shaded/dry.

There is a concession stand with a deck by the river along with food vendors with all types of food for everyone.

The track has some of the best dirt in Texas and across the U.S.  It has been said riding here is like
"riding in a plate of brownies".

The track is complete with a with a modern three story tower.
This facility provides the scoring staff with a clear view for consistently
accurate scoring, as well as an observation deck for spectators.

We take pride in our reputation for maintaining a fun, challenging track.
We are equipped with the latest technology and machinery to provide our
patrons with a facility in which they can be confident that they will have
a fun, challenging place to compete.


Upcoming Events

Pro Circuit

Sept 30 - Oct 1