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2006 Rules Latest Update: February 2, 2005

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2006 AMA Parts Unlimited Spring Classic Rules


This event will follow 2006 AMA Rule Book unless otherwise stated herein!  The decisions of the officials are FINAL for both race & technical infractions.


Pre-Entry saves time and money and must be "received" no later than 2-18-06. You still need to check in at registration to get a rider packet & sign the AMA data slip. Bring your current AMA membership card with you or you will be required to purchase another.   Knowing what your number is without the AMA membership card will not suffice.  You can now purchase your AMA membership online with a copy of the actual card number at http://www.ama-cycle.org/joinama/index.asp. ...Otherwise you can purchase at the track.

Requests for refunds pre-paid on RV or entries, must be in writing and received no later than 3-1-06. A $20 handling fee will be charged on all refunds. Post entered riders that are physically unable to ride, due to injury MAY be issued a credit for any other class entry that is unused. A Paramedics' report or hospital admission form must be brought to the event clerk with your request. RV & gate fees are NON-refundable.  NO refunds after March 1st.

RIDING NUMBER / COLORS:  Earliest entry gets 1st choice. NO exceptions.  To assure accuracy in scoring, we do not allow duplicate numbers. If you are assigned a new number, you must use it … you may need to change, so be prepared. Be sure to fill in your second choice or we will assign a number you must use if your first choice is not available. Numbers 1-10 are reserved for those who earned it in 2005 in the respective class at the AMA National Championships at Loretta Lynn’s.  Background number plates must be the following colors… A/ProSport riders = White Bg/ Black #, B riders = Yellow Bg/ Black #, C riders = Black Bg/ White #.  All minis, Open Vet classes and women have choice of any of the above.  No other colors permitted.  No exceptions.

*****MINORS*****:  Parent, legal guardian or "authorized adult" must complete minor release. In the case of "authorized adult", he/she must provide notarized legal documentation of said authorization of guardianship with minor release to clerk at registration or with pre-entry.... Download/print the form HERE.  This form is in addition the the release required of all riders.  Moto-Mgmt., LP will retain original said documentation as property owned by them. Authorized adults should retain a copy for their own records or needs. All persons signing a minor release must remain with said minor until the conclusion of the event or until competition is complete.  All persons signing any release with minor must be prepared to show proof of identity and guardianship.

NO LATE SIGN-UP:   No exceptions. A $20 fee per class will be accessed to those requesting any class change.

STARTING PROCEDURES:  NO TOOLS SUCH AS, SHOVELS, RAKES, ETC..   There is NO farming in front of the rear flat metal bar of gate. Please do not dig holes at the starting line for dirt or pile dirt into the gate mechanism. You MUST be IN FRONT of the metal back up pipe. It is your responsibility to know the correct starting procedures. Per rider and machine, only one mechanic allowed in staging.

PRACTICE:  The staging area will be used to stage all groups for practice. There is no starting from the sidelines. You must have your armband & practice sticker before you will be allowed on the track. There is no riding off course or turning around to retry an area during practice. This is extremely dangerous. You must ride in the practice designated for your bike & skill level that we will assign. Do not ride in the wrong practice. Violators will be penalized 5 full seconds, PER infraction.

EXIT:  Any rider leaving the course for any reason during a moto must return to the track safely, at a spot closest to his/her point of exit, without bettering his/her position or endangering other riders, spectators or Track Officials. Penalty may be one lap or disqualification to be determined by the event official and depending on circumstances contributing to the incident.

DIVISIONS:  If your class should have a division split. The amount of riders in your class will determine the number of divisions and consi races. There are no points awarded for the consi race.   The consi race only earns you a spot on the gate. Your first moto divisional race counts for score as your first moto. That score will be added with your second moto score for your overall race. Check the posting board for the division you will ride in AND consi if your classes have divisions. THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!!!  If you miss your division race you will NOT be moved or permitted to compete in a different division ... You will have to go directly to the assigned consi ... no exceptions.  The posting board will also tell you how many divisions and the number of riders that will be taken from the division race and put directly into the 2nd moto. It will also tell you how many consi races there are for your class and how many will be taken from the consi race to the 2nd moto.  Please note that the number of divisions does not always equal the number of consis.

SCORING:  The following applies at ALL Lake Whitney MX Park events. You must complete one full lap to be considered to have raced the event. If not, it will be considered that you DNR (did not race) and you will receive a score equal to a DNS. Riders who DNS (did not start) will receive a score equal to the number of riders in the class PLUS 30. DNF (did not finish) … Riders who do not take the checkered flag OR at a minimum, complete one lap, but not 1/2 the laps of the class winner will receive a score equal to the number of riders in class (minimum 20 points), regardless of whether or not you take the checkered flag.

PROTESTS:  Any mechanical or age protest must be submitted in writing, signed by a rider in the same class & submitted to the event clerk (not the official) at the scoring tower within 15 minutes of the completion of the moto, decisions will be rendered in a timely manner as best we can. Protest of rider age or a clerical protest will have no fees assessed. ALL protests regarding scoring or administration must be done within 30 minutes from the time the scores for the first moto are posted… 20 minutes applies to the second moto. Protest of legality of a machine is $35.- (non-refundable) plus $100.- per item that is being protested (top-end, front suspension, carburetor, etc.)  The $100.- per item fee will be awarded to the prevailing rider. Riders may ride under protest if a decision has not been made, but may still be disqualified upon final decision. If a bike should be protested, the rider has the right to have his bike impounded and held until the final moto of the day has been completed. Bike will be torn down at this time to determine if it is legal. The official may at anytime, upon VISUAL inspection, declare a bike illegal for the class entered. The rider associated with the bike shall be disqualified.  Decisions of the event official are FINAL, for both race and technical infractions.

!!! There is NO PASSING, NO JUMPING or aggressive riding under/on a yellow flag. Please slow down and use caution, have respect for the downed rider, and authorized persons attempting to assist him. Do not start aggressive racing again until you are at “safe distance” away. Rescue efforts must be left to authorized officials only on the track. Violators WILL at a minimum, be docked one lap. 



Riders may ride a stock motorcycle in the modified classes. Stock or modified 85cc mini cycle riders may enter the 105cc Super-mini class if legal to ride that class.

In all Youth classes and classes not defined (below), age is based on the rider's age as of January 1, 2006, as stated in the AMA rule book.

In all Vet classes (Plus, Vet, Senior), the age of the rider is based on his age as of March 7, 2006 (August 1, 2006 if participating in the area qualifier at this event).

Proof of age: original birth certificate or DL must be available upon request of event clerk or event referee. Failure to comply will result in immediate disqualification.

RIDER CLASSIFICATION:   It is the responsibility of the rider to be competing in a class that he/she is legal to ride.

  • Riders must enter the class with the highest classification ever raced with any organization of "like" activity, except riders over 50 years may fall back one classification.

  • All riders placing in the top 5 overall finish positions in the "B" classes at the 2005 AMA Amateur Nationals at Loretta Lynn's must ride "A".  If you have never participated in an "A" or ProSport class or lined up on the line in ANY money paying class, regardless of finish ... you are still legal to ride Open skill classes and classes defined as "Non Pro".

  • Women A/Pro Sport riders may not compete in Women "amateur" classes unless attempting to qualify for Loretta Lynn's.

  • Riders who have previously qualified to ride Loretta Lynn's in any previous year, at any age may not ride "C" classes.

  • Riders who have ever received any type of factory support in any year, at any age may not participate in the "C" class.

  • Riders from any AMA district, any state, any country, That does not have a recognized advancement system on file with the AMA, may not participate in the "C" class if they have raced in any "like" activity prior to 2004.

  • Riders qualifying for an AMA Pro Motocross National, AMA Supercross final, AMA National Arenacross final (AMA Arenacross Class only), or an FIM sanctioned Pro event in the current or previous year may only enter the A/Pro Sport classes.  If qualifying for Loretta Lynn's, you are not legal for the "A" class if you have qualified in the Advanstar BooKoo Arenacross final 250F and 450F classes.

To insure finish credibility: At the conclusion of each event, ALL machines are subject to impound and inspection. Top 5 must report to the impound area (your mechanic should have tools ready), & all others must follow direction of the course official. It is the responsibility of the rider to be competing on a machine that is legal.

STOCK CLASS RULES: (posted 2-2)
To be eligible for a STOCK CLASS, the following cannot be changed or modified:  engine, electronics, frame, carburetor, air box, rear suspension, front suspension, swing arm, forks, triple clamps, rim size and exhaust system. Cylinder must retain the original manufacturer's bore. Changes to carburetor jetting is allowed. Material may be added to the existing frame for strength. Parts that may be replaced or added include: fuel filters, gas line, handlebars, cross bar pads, non-metal open ended hand guards, serrated foot pegs, lower fork leg protectors, spokes and nipples, decals, spark plugs, spark plug caps, sprockets, handlebar mounts. Clutch and brake lever assemblies must be replaced with OEM parts or aftermarket parts of the same basic design and material. Pistons and rings may be accessory items as long as they maintain the stock shape and design of OEM parts. No titanium pistons allowed. Countershaft sprocket covers may be removed. Suspension springs and/or preload may be changed with original manufacturer parts of current or previous year's models or aftermarket springs of the same rate available from the OEM. Stock class motorcycles and mini cycles may be inspected, and changes other than those mentioned above will result in assignment to another class or disqualification. However, if a violation is deemed by the referee to be cosmetic in nature, with no performance advantage or willful misconduct involved, he may issue a warning or fine in lieu of disqualification. To be eligible for stock classes in oil injection systems used in stock classes, only oil may be put in the reservoir. Pre mix gasoline is not allowed in the oil injection system.

  • Throttle assemblies must remain stock; this includes the kill switch on motorcycles or mini cycles such as the 51cc automatic machines.

  •  Oil injection systems must be present and fully functioning.

  •  Safety wire is allowed.

  •  Clutch and brake lever assemblies must be replaced with OEM parts or aftermarket parts of the same basic design and material.  The use of tape for additional grip on handlebars, levers and handgrips is allowed.

  •  Aftermarket air filters may be used in the OEM unaltered air box.

  • Aftermarket sprockets, handlebars, and grips are allowed and may be a color other than stock.

  • Aftermarket front fork hole shot devices are NOT permitted in the stock classes.

  • Carburetor jetting may be changed (removable jets only) but may NOT exceed 25% larger than manufacturer’s recommended specifications.

  • Suspension oil level and viscosity may be changed.  Spring rate may be changed as long as spring(s) are optional equipment offered by manufacturer of the designated suspension components and available to all customers via normal retail outlets.

  • Aftermarket seat covers may be used to replace a worn or damaged original seat cover.  However, the material must be of the same type.  Seat covers intended to improve the handling or performance of the motorcycle/mini cycle are NOT allowed.  The Stock base and padding must be used and cannot be altered.

  • Aftermarket fenders, side panels and shrouds may be used if they are the same shape of the stock equipment; however, the material must be of the same type and the aftermarket items cannot be intended to increase the performance of the motorcycle/mini cycle.

  • The use of identification stickers and decals is allowed; however, grip tape is NOT permitted.

  • Change to the engine or carburetor components is NOT allowed.  Removal of gaskets, O-rings or other components is NOT allowed.  Port cleanup is NOT allowed.

  • In the stock class rims can be replaced with OEM rims or aftermarket rims of the same size. Modifications to wheel hubs are NOT allowed.

UNDERSTANDING:  If you do NOT understand ANY parts of these rules, please see the event clerk or the track official who will be happy to explain this in terms that you will understand. NO other person (either track personnel or staff) is authorized to interpret or give directives pertaining to any rules contained herein or any other. Understanding and communication will make this experience for you, a positive, fun filled event. Again, if you have any questions or concerns please see the event clerk or track official. You may send an email to info@lakewhitneymx.com if you need more information at this time. Thank-You!

We have made every effort to give you complete information. The mandatory rider’s meeting on Tuesday, March 7th will address any issues not contained herein or posted to the web.  Check back often.

We reserve the right to amend or change these rules prior to the event.  Check back often for any updates.  After February 15th, any further changes, corrections, updates or addendums will be discussed in the mandatory riders meeting.

  • AddendumJanuary 21, 2005 ... Applies to the 2005 Parts Unlimited Spring Classic ONLY ... Please note the pre-entry form and online registration clearly states via the class description that the 125cc Youth 12-15 Stock and Mod classes are open to 125cc 2-stroke motorcycles only.  The 250F Youth 12-15 class is open to the 250F 4-stroke motorcycle only.  At all other Lake Whitney MX events the 125cc Youth 12-15 class is open to both the 125cc 2-stroke and 250F 4-stroke motorcycles ... NO minis....Again, the 250F 4-stroke not legal for 125 Youth.

  • AddendemJanuary 21, 2005 ... Again, All riders under the age of majority must have a parent present or a duly notarized parental consent form (authorization of guardianship), as required by the AMA Rules and Regulations in order to compete or participate in any activities.  Two consents are needed ... one to file with the event clerk and the other to be kept with guardian to present to any emergency medical service persons that may request the information prior to treating any injury.

  • AddendemFebruary 2, 2006 ... WOMEN/Girls
    Girls 65-105cc (9-13 Yrs) is a Mini cycle class.  
    Women 99-250cc (12 Yrs Plus) is a Motorcycle class that is limited to 99cc and 250cc 2 stroke and 4 stroke motorcycles only.  This class is incorrectly listed on the pre-entry form as Women 105, 125 & up.
    Women A/Pro Sport riders may not compete in these classes unless attempting to qualify for Loretta Lynn's.

You may send an email to info@lakewhitneymx.com if you need more information at this time.





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